All About Paws Pet Spa, LLC.

All About Paws Pet Spa LLC. is a locally owned business providing full-service grooming for dogs and cats. My core belief is that every animal is unique and requires customized treatment. While many pets come in with tails wagging in happy anticipation of being groomed, others are more anxious. For this reason, I always spend a few minutes "meeting" your pet and helping them get to know me before I start grooming.

Kindness, understanding, knowledge, and experience are the keys to great grooming, so I go out of my way to treat every animal with gentleness and respect - the way I treat my own pets. As I have 20 plus years in the professional grooming industry, you can rest assured your beloved pet will be in good hands.

Call to hear more about All About Paws, or just come on over to say, "Hello!"

benefits of regular bathing & Grooming

  • Healthy skin and coat. Less shedding!
  • Less stress of having to lift and struggle to get your pet into the bathtub.
  • Trimmed nails are safer for your pet and you. Also the floor!
  • Decreased amount of matting.
  • Your pet will look and smell great.
  • Potential health risks may be spotted before they become major complications.
  • Pet becomes accustomed to being bathed. This leads to more enjoyment from the experience!
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